The new pharmaceutical bet of Omilton Visconde Jr.

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May 07 - 2017 Son of the founder of Biosintética laboratory, Omilton Visconde Junior is known in the pharmaceutical industry for his ability to make money by setting up or buying companies that, after expanding, are sold at high multiples. This rationale guides his new bet, Cellera Farma, which is born in partnership with fund Victoria Capital Partners and has a R$400 million investment plan in four years. In five or six years, when the annual revenue is around R$500 million, which would put Cellera in the group of medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, the goal is to sell the operation to a US or European laboratory that wants to enter the Brazilian market. Or allowing the exit of the private-equity fund, which now has an 85% stake bought through an IPO. This was the case with Biosintética, sold by Mr. Visconde Junior in 2005 to Aché [...]

La planta de cemento que tendrá Corona

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January 11 - 2017 La compañía, reconocida por el negocio de sanitarios, comenzó la edificación de su nuevo negocio, con el que espera atender la construcción de la infraestructura de cuarta generación o 4G. Jaime Ángel, gerente de Suministros de Colombia (Sumicol), empresa del Grupo Corona, la organización que tiene más de 14.000 empleados y 29 plantas –19 de ellas en Colombia, tres en Estados Unidos, tres en Centroamérica, tres en México y una en Bras il–, cuenta los detalles del inicio de la obra de la planta de cemento, el nuevo negocio, en la que se invertirán US$400 millones y con la que se planea elevar esos $6 billones en ingresos consolidados que obtiene el grupo empresarial. ¿Ya comenzó la construcción de la planta de cemento? Hicimos una alianza con el Grupo Mollins, de España, para entrar en el negocio del cemento en Colombia, [...]

Los Grobo sells 75 percent of its equity to the fund Victoria Capital

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November 18 - 2016 After a year of stormy negotiations, when they decided to sign the agreement at exactly 3am, the printer failed. What seemed impossible, happened: they run out of toner. The transaction that changed the history of Los Grobo Group, one of the main agribusiness players, was finalized hours later. In this context, Victoria Capital Partners makes a capital injection of US$ 100 million into the Company. Furthermore, for an undisclosed amount, it buys 75% of the Company which has annual revenues of US$ 550 million, 700 employees, 50,000 hectares of crops, ventured into agrochemicals with Agrofina, leads the precision agriculture with Frontec in association with INVAP, produces seeds and even offers financial services through a mutual credit guarantee company. Victoria Capital acquires the stock that was still owned by the Brazilian Vinci group and by Gabriela and Andrea Grobocopatel. Gustavo and his [...]

Former Peñaflor owners invest in Grupo Los Grobo

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November 18 - 2016 It’s the VCP Fund, led by Carlos García, former CEO of the winery from Mendoza, which will invest close to US$100 million to participate in the Grobocopatel family’s company. by MANUEL PARERA Grupo Los Grobo, controlling company of Los Grobo Agropecuaria, informed in a press release that it has entered into an agreement with the fund VSAP Agriservices L.P., for a possible share subscription of the agribusiness holding controlled by the "soybean king". This confirms the intention expressed by Gustavo Grobocopatel, who had already mentioned that he was looking for a new investor who could contribute cash to capitalize its businesses and develop investment opportunities in one of the main agribusiness companies in the country. Even though the Company preferred not to comment (apart from the press release that it sent to the Comisión Nacional de Valores-CNV), and they did not [...]

Grobocopatel handed over control of the Company to an international group

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November 18  - 2016 Victoria Capital Partners led the investment group making a capital injection of US$ 100 million in Los Grobo together with the IFC, a Dutch fund and the University of Texas’ fund; keeps between 70-75% of equity stake. And Grobocopatel, seated, with García and Santiago Cotter. Photo: Santiago Filipuzzi A global investment group takes control of Los Grobo, the company led by businessman Gustavo Grobocopatel. This is the first international investment in a local agribusiness company during the Macri Administration. Los Grobo, with annual revenues of US$ 550 million, 1,8 million tons of grain origination, 50,000 production hectares and US$ 130 million in sales from its agrochemicals division Agrofina, plans to double its size in the next 4 years. Along these lines, yesterday at 4am, at a law firm where at some point during the night they run out of toner given [...]

Grupo Los Grobo announces a capital increase with the addition of an investment group led by Victoria Capital Partners

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November 17, 2016 Grupo Los Grobo (“Los Grobo”) announced today the completion of the negotiations for the incorporation as a new shareholder of an international investment group led by Victoria Capital Partners (“VCP”), one of the most respected private equity firms in Latin America. This capital increase of US$100,000,000 will be used to strengthen the capital structure of the company and support its current growth plan aiming at doubling its size in the next 4 years. Simultaneously, VCP acquires a block of additional shares from certain shareholders of the Company. This is a very important transaction due to the high quality of the investment group led by VCP, which includes The University of Texas Investment Management Company (“UTIMCO”), the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and FMO the Dutch development bank. In connection with this announcement Gustavo Grobocopatel who will remain as President of the company said: “Under the [...]

Corona and Cementos Molins

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January 6, 2016 On Sept. 2015 Corona signed an agreement with Cementos Molins ("CM",, a Spanish-based international player in cement with leading presence in Latam, to jointly develop the cement production and commercialization business in Colombia. The company and Victoria believe this is a great opportunity to enter into a new business line that is totally complementary to Corona's building materials portfolio. It also provides the opportunity to capitalize from its approx. 100 years' worth of limestone reserves (limestone serves as raw material for cement production), as well as from Corona's know-how for mining their limestone queries and their current vast distribution network in Colombia. This initiative will be executed via a 50%-50% JV with CM and includes the construction of a plant with a capacity of 1.4 million tons per year with a total investment of approx. USD 370 mm, located 160km northwest of Bogota [...]

Lamosa Acquisition by CORONA

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January 6 - 2016 On June 2015 Corona closed the acquisition of 100% of the sanitary ware business of Lamosa in Mexico, one of the leading producers and distributors in that market and with significant exports to the US and Canada markets. The business acquired has a production capacity of 3 million pieces / year from two production facilities located in Monterrey and in Benito Juárez. This acquisition is of strategic importance not only as it strengthens Corona's presence in the Mexican market - today served via exports from Colombia, but also as it complements Mansfield' operations in the US (Corona's US sanitary ware business). Please find below links to media articles here. Source: VICTORIA

Two Awards and the Same “CORONA”

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December 8 - 2015 The Corona Group Received the Environment Protection Award and its President, Carlos Enrique Moreno, the Best Business Leader Award. Carlos Enrique Moreno tends to use an image to define the role of a leader who wants to motivate the members of his team. He says that it is like flying a kite, sometimes you have to pull the line and sometimes you have to release it. And this is just one of the multiple phrases that he usually tells to his subordinates to translate into a common language his work philosophy. The other key aspect, which some of the members of the Corona Group under his responsibility highlight, is the work example and commitment that he shows. "He likes to encourage and help his people develop," states the vice-president of Corporate Affairs, Ana María Delgado, who describes him as a person [...]

Ideal Invest cashes in on Brazilian students’ loans

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November 3 - 2015 A  deep recession might not be the most advantageous economic backdrop for a company offering student loans. But for Ideal Invest, a Brazilian student loans company that claims to be the biggest in the country’s private sector, the doldrums afflicting Latin America’s largest economy have been a boon. The reason? A much larger rival government student loan programme, known as Fies, has scaled back under a federal budget austerity programme. As access to the government programme has been tightened for students, the private sector has become more attractive. “These changes have been very good for us,” says Gabriel Haddad, finance director of Ideal Invest. The company was founded in 2001 by Oliver Mizne, a young entrepreneur who wanted to use financial markets to increase access to education for Brazil’s lower income groups. It followed the opening up of Brazilian higher education [...]